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Devimco, City of Montreal officially announce project by ajkandy
November 22, 2007, 5:27 pm
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Finally, the city of Montreal and Devimco have issued a press release with more details about the Village Griffintown project. On paper, it seems like a sensitive proposal; they’ve got Heritage Montreal involved, they claim to be respecting the heritage commission’s report on the area, and they want to ensure that it’s transit-friendly, with access via the proposed tramway line. Parking is to be underground, there are to be two hotels, and 3000 residences, many of which will be subsidized lower-cost housing. A renowned urban-design firm, Daniel Arbour & Associé, (warning: Flash) has been attached to the project — they did the reworking of Parc metro when the Loblaws was built there, among other projects.

No photos or renderings as of yet. I’ve called the PR firm who put out the release; Arbour & Associé declined to comment, and I’ve left a message with the city of Montreal’s Sud-ouest mairie. No public consultations have been announced yet.

On the plus side, it appears that blocks towards the eastern end of the project, including the Horse Palace and other older housing, has been designated with heritage status, according to Judith Gobeil, who’s part of the project to get a Griffintown Museum together on that site.


Not my kind of development but first reaction is not as bad as I feared – maybe it can be improved some towards the transit/heritage side.

Comment by Donal Hanley

On the heritage side they are saving 12 structures, and moving 2 others, I think that’s pretty decent when you think of the quality of the standing building. Also in the transit side, they are planning a bike path connecting to the one in Old Montreal, A new bus lines and part of the tramway line announced by the city over the summer.

Comment by BruB

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