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Our vision by ajkandy
November 22, 2007, 5:26 pm
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Our proposal for Village Griffintown

This is the Photoshopped image we created for our Pecha Kucha Night presentation on the Village Griffintown project, which also forms part of this blog’s header graphics. Based on an image of the actual Dix30 shopping centre, we added in elements of Old Montreal, the Atwater Market, Bonsecours Market and Complexe Guy-Favreau to create a typical Montreal retail street with apartments and offices above shops. It’s meant to suggest a development that is in keeping with the heritage of the area, providing increased retail / residential density, while retaining a pedestrian-friendly feel and “eyes on the street.”

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They should be looking closely at images of the neighborhood as it once stood and use that as inspiration and the basis of their concept. That is, small retail spaces along intimate streets topped with residential as you have illustrated. The concern about the retail plan is valid: if they turn this area into a big-box style mall, then it will take away from the main shopping thoroughfares in the business core. The retail should exist almost entirely to service the immediate neighborhood itself and the adjacent onces as well.

Comment by Edward

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