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Last Chance To See… Griffintown, on Flickr by ajkandy
January 17, 2008, 3:51 am
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Griffintown 2007 flickr set by Fotoproze / Lloyd Gross. © All rights reserved.

Before they fall to the wreckers’ ball, check out Lloyd Gross’ fascinating high-res set of a wintry Griffintown, taken last November. Lloyd was born in Griffintown and is now one of the many contributors to the popular Guess Where In Montreal? Flickr group.

I can’t help but think that in other cities, industrial buildings like these are prized and refitted, and right now we’re looking at trashing them. What really stands out in this set is not the condition or noteworthiness of the buildings, but more the opportunity for gentle, sensible infill development and rehabilitation of derelict structures.

…Anyone else reminded of the ongoing subplot of the Robocop movies, where a city/corporation with ulterior motives plans to demolish Old Detroit and replace it with the shiny new consumer paradise, Delta City? Call it disaster urbanism.


I can’t help but think that in other cities, industrial buildings like these are prized and refitted

You’re right on that point except for one thing that wasn’t thought about. these building are past the point of refitting, they are dangerous and would cost a fortune to bring back to their glory years. the owners of these building are mostly happy to get rid of it at a price. Most of them are Chinese, Indians and Americans and don’t really care about MTL’s history. Do not forget that the contractor is still using some of the old building, the one that are still safe and sound. The current owners of these building are to blame, not the new contractor.

Comment by BruB

And just for fun, here is my flickr page, you’ll see I love griffintown also 🙂

Comment by BruB

BruB: How do you know these buildings are past the point of refitting, and who owns them? Do you know something we don’t? And “a fortune” is relative. The design of Village Griffintown only incorporates heritage buildings because they’re forced to, by law. If they didn’t have to, they’d demolish them, too.

Comment by ajkandy

I Must make some corrections here. I was born in Europe and grew up from the age of 5 to 20 in the west end of Verdun. My father did work in Griffintown at the corner of Common street and Duke. My memories of the area came from visits to my father’s work and the summer of I believe was 1961 when I work for a friend of mine’s father, who’s silk screen printing company was in the Lowney Building on Inspector street.

Comment by Lloyd Gross

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