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We made the cover! by ajkandy
March 20, 2008, 2:13 pm
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Montreal Mirror, March 20, 2008

Click the image to read the cover story by Mirror news editor Patrick Lejtenyi. (That’s me on the left, standing next to Chris and Judith Gobeil and their dog Andy.)


Congrats on making the coveted Mirror-cover! You guys look great. Pretty decent article too.

Comment by Alanah

Congrats! You guys look great. And you also sound sensical in the article 🙂
Too bad the word is spreading about Griffintown so late after the fact.

Comment by alanah

Well done guys. This is great visibility for the debate. The more interes that can be created by this story, the more informed the opinions of the general public. And that’s what really matters.

I will try to put together a “historic walk” over the long weekend, and then post it on my Griffintown website:
I really enjoy walking my dog through the area. Even more now that I’ve done some research into the history of the buildings and neighbourhood. It’ll be great to share that, and I hope some people will do the walk so that they can better appreciate the history, architecture and atmosphere that we’re fighting to preserve.

In passing, I’m very surprised that there is no plaque commemorating the worst aviation disaster on the island of Montreal. I’m also surprised that it occurred 100m from where I live!

Comment by nerdboy

One thing I’m noticing, and like one mentioned, it’s going to bring people to the debate.

Right now there is no debate, a very small group of people are against it, a only slightly bigger group are really for the project, and all the rest don’t really care because they have no ideas where Griffintown is, no idea about it’s history and really no ideas on keeping it alive. Sad truth.

Comment by Pouliot

AJ, you look like the second warmest creature in that photo. Andy beats you by a hair. 🙂 Great job you three (and all the tireless CSR peeps behind the scenes) on the fighting the fight that needs to be fought. Stay strong.

Comment by Bryan

Hello Jeff,
I read your article in the gazette and since my son also ownes a Condo in Phase II of the Lowney’s Building , I have been concerned since the construction of Phase III that the height of Phase IV will block the stunning views from the roof top. If this happens the value of your properties will go down. I tlod my son to get together and unite of this subject. I would actualy use the example of the Lowney Building as to why the developpers of the Griffintown project cannot be trusted and nor can the city officials to look after the best interest of those who already purchased in the area.It was the article in this morning’s Gazeete that made me write. Give me a call I may be able to assist.
Orlando Jim Panetta
Charted Real Estate Agent
Group Sutton Centre-Ouest
514-933-5800 C 514-704-9113

Comment by Orlando J. Panetta

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