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Projet Griffintown construction pushed forward to 2010 by ajkandy
November 11, 2008, 12:30 pm
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Griffintown 2010

New aerial view rendering of Projet Griffintown, by Devimco (via Cyberpresse)

Breaking: Reader Sam alerts us to these stories from Canoe Finance / Cyberpresse. Due to the global financial crisis, construction on Devimco’s Projet Griffintown, originally slated to begin with a round of demolition in Spring 2009, has now been pushed forward to Spring 2010. The final purchasing of the land options, originally to be wrapped up this fall, has now been extended to summer 2009. Devimco’s Serge Goulet is quoted as saying that money for construction costs, estimated at $400 million, “can’t be found in Montreal.” $210 million for land acquisition has already been secured.

Read more at’s Argent section and Eric Clément’s longer story at Cyberpresse.


Doesn’t this situations confirm the fears that we have expressed all along. What if the project had started in summer 2008. We would be sitting on a half finished project that had no money.


PS. Hate to be picky, but the project has been moved back ( later ) not forward ( earlier)

Comment by Tony

Yes, it is a good idea not to have another Ilot Voyageur sitting unfinished, eventually to be bailed out by the taxpayers.

I meant forward in time, but thanks for the correction.

Comment by ajkandy

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