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Canada Post Plant Project is: Les Bassins du Nouveau-Havre by ajkandy
November 12, 2008, 4:15 pm
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Officially launched today, the proposed project, put forth by Canada Lands Company and the Montreal Harbour Commission, gets an official name, “Les Bassins du Nouveau Havre,” and a spiffy blue website with a video overview of the proposed design. Most of the good stuff is in PDFs (typical, sigh). But the project looks decent and very interesting. The public can swing by the site (dates given in previous post) to check out the model and other materials.

Although the URL, “,” made one friend of mine think “Lesbassins? Lesbian assassins? Did they have this run by an English translator at all?”

Judging by the overview PDF (2 MB) which contains numerous egregiously bad typos and francisms, apparently they didn’t hire an English translator or copyeditor at all but just decided to wing it. (Governments! Corporations! Design firms and other agencies! I can do this for you. My rates are not expensive. Is it really worth it to look illiterate?)


I can’t wait to hear the reasons some of the “activists” will find to stop this project now.

Comment by Pouliot

Pouliot, why do you have activists in “scare quotes?” are we not real activists? Is there something wrong with activism? You imply that it is somehow inherently wrong to want to have some say in things that happen in your neighborhood.

Are you, by implication, pro-anything that Big Corporations do? What if I were to start a big corporation and then get the government to expropriate YOUR house, or completely change the character of your neighborhood by putting an airport or an incinerator next door?

No-one has EVER said they are against developing Griffintown. What people have said is that they are against BAD development, rushed through, using loopholes in the law to short-circuit the MANDATORY public review process.

There have been a lot of changes (as apparent from the new designs we’ve seen from CivicArts) but there’s been no public announcements as of yet. I remain hopeful that, whatever gets built will be of high quality and not completely sacrifice a real ‘vie de quartier’ for some shiny glass towers.

This project for the Canada Post Plant looks very good, so far. I’m going to go down to the open house this weekend and check it out. I have reservations and questions, to be sure, but I’m not opposed to this development at all. It’s not displacing anything or anyone, it’s bringing families to the neighborhood and it’s reanimating the waterfront. In general, it’s good and necessary.

Comment by ajkandy

That’s exactly why I quoted Activist, because like you I don’t believe you are real activists, hell you not PETA 🙂

It was simply for a lack of better word.

Comment by Pouliot

When we had over a hundred people march on City Hall, that wasn’t activism? Showing up at dozens of events to listen and to speak? Putting together websites and rallying the public, putting out press releases and getting the word out any way possible — that’s not activism? Yes, it’s not glamourous, but 99% of activism is meetings and paperwork and deadlines. Sorry to disappoint you.

Comment by ajkandy

I think the only thing that will get Pouliot’s attention (span = 0) would be for AJ to douse Alan DeSousa in pigs blood at the next event. Ahhh PETA, true “Activists”. (ps, i’ll supply the pig)

Comment by Bryan

To have a look at what they’re likely to find once they start digging, have a look at what the area looked like well over a century ago (found some great old maps and am working on another Griffintown website…):

Comment by nerdboy

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