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About the Authors

Hello readers, journalists and j-school students alike.

This blog is NOT current or being updated in any way. The authors no longer live in or close to Griffintown, and are no longer involved with the official Committee for the Sustainable Redevelopment of Griffintown (CSRG).

For more updated news or for requests for comments and interviews, we suggest you contact CSRG’s spokesperson Jeff Dungen via their website,

—– After this line, here be dragons, cruft, and old information. —–

This blog was started by Stephanie Troeth and A.J. Kandy.

Friends since 2003 through the YULBlog meetup group, they discovered they had a common interest in New Urbanism in 2007. They collaborated on a presentation collating some thoughts on how New Urbanism could help shape Devimco’s Projet Griffintown (originally titled Village Griffintown), which was given at the second-ever Pecha Kucha Night at the SAT in Montreal, QC. At the time, both authors lived in different neighborhoods in the Southwest region of Montreal, giving the project immediate and personal importance.

Various friends, neighbors and other interested citizens discovered each other via the blog, and after a meetup, founded the official Committee for the Sustainable Redevelopment of Griffintown, whose official site can be found at (This blog and its contents reflect the personal views of the authors, and does not represent the official positions of the Committee.)

Since then, the blog evolved into a repository of news, images and updates on Projet Griffintown, general notes on urbanism, and for the authors’ own thoughts and critiques.

They were inspired by James Howard Kunstler, the New Urbanist movement, and Carfree Cities. In addition, this blog reflects greater concerns about the coming decline in cheap energy and the huge impacts this will have on society, particularly in the relationship and continuing functioning of cities, suburbs and agricultural regions.

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