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Welcome Gazette Readers! by ajkandy
April 19, 2008, 1:49 pm
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New to the site? Here’s some links to past articles to give you some background and bring you up to date.

If you’re interested in joining and supporting the local citizens’ movement, check out the Committee for the Sustainable Redevelopment of Griffintown at

Phyllis Lambert and the Quebec Order of Architects call for a moratorium on Projet Griffintown, calling for it to be rethought and for proper city-wide public consultations to be held via the Office des consultations publiques de Montréal.

If you agree, maybe you should sign the petition.

Why The Swedes Are Right, And Claude Provencher Is Wrong. Background on two Swedish eco-friendly developments roughly the same size as Griffintown, which further proves the kind of thinking the Gazette article discussed. Also calls into question architect Provencher’s unquestioning support for the project, compared to much better-thought-out projects he’s worked on such as the Quartier International and condos at the east end of the Old Port. 

Forward-looking architects realize we are at the end of the cheap energy era, so we shouldn’t keep designing cities around cars.

McGill architecture professor Robert Mellin writes about the project he and his graduate students have worked on for the past year or so, envisioning a sustainable “eco-industrial” role for Griffintown and the Lachine Canal.

Architecture profs Pierre Gauthier and David Hanna addressed the Little Burgundy Coalition about the impact of the Griffintown project back in February.

Jean-Claude Marsan wrote a damning op-ed for La Presse on February 6th: Montreal deserves better.

How Devimco first presented the project at the ETS. Our notes on this.

City agencies worry that the Griffintown project will threaten Montreal’s UNESCO World Heritage City status.

McGill’s Raphael Fischler wrote in December that Projet Griffintown represented a potential commercial threat to downtown, and lamented its oversize nature.

Images from Devimco’s proposal. Note that they backtracked and said the architecture wasn’t final; this was to show approximate massing. If anything looks less like “Montreal,” it’s hard to say.

Our vision. We kicked off this blog as an extension of a presentation we gave at the SAT’s Pecha Kucha design show-and-tell night back in September 2007, and we Photoshopped Montreal-style buildings over Devimco’s horrible Dix-30 shopping centre to show that building real, livable streets isn’t that difficult.

Since then, we were treated to other wonderful presentations showing other visions of the project, such as Pro-Pointe’s eco-condo concepts, (PDF, 3MB) and urban planner Steven Peck’s comparison of modern Irish cities with Griffintown’s history. (PPT, 12MB). (Check out all the memoranda from citizens and groups here at the City of Montreal’s website.)

We’ve noted time and time again that you don’t need tall buildings to have density, as European cities show. And as Pointe St. Charles residents have demonstrated in their self-generated plans for the Alstom / CN rail yards, good urban design can come from the grassroots up.

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